Unlock the Universe of Fan Data to

Build Smarter Audiences

We enable companies to unlock valuable enterprise data to truly 
understand their fan affinities across multiple devices and platforms 
including social, e-commerce, content streaming and more.

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The Power of Data

The top talent and companies in music, sports and entertainment choose Vertical Mass.

Our clients have 3.2B total fans and include (deep breath) 8 Super Bowl headliners, 38 Grammy Award winners, the top grossing actor, the top touring artist in the world, the top sports team in each league, the largest movie studio, the largest record label, and claim 35 of the top 50 pages on Facebook. Aces all around.

They are the most followed, loved, watched and listened to entities in the world. And they choose Vertical Mass is their go-to partner to get the most out of their audience data. We'd love for you to join that list.


Your Audience is Hugely Valuable

Own Your Data and Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Vertical Mass helps you collect and safely store data on your fans across social media, websites, mobile apps, ecommerce and content streaming services. Your proprietary data helps you understand your audience better and reach those fans with advertising or content wherever they browse the web. You can automatically deliver more value to the right fans with the right products. It also helps your marketing partners spend media dollars much more effectively by targeting your audience with ads or distributing content wherever they browse the web – delivering significant revenue to you for the value of your data.

Whether you're the world’s largest streaming service, an up-and-coming Instagram superstar, the reigning NHL champs or are headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Vertical Mass is the only data management platform built specifically for you.

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Activate Media Against Investments

Fan Marketplace for Advertisers

As the media buying landscape shifts to programmatic, you can now move beyond buying ads on websites to reaching the exact right people at the right time. Instead of targeting a demographic with ads on websites, you finally have the opportunity to target a fan of your brand and a fan of your celebrity endorsements, sponsorships, content and social media investments – the people most likely to care.

Vertical Mass is the exclusive data provider for some of the largest celebrities and companies in music, sports, film and television. You invest heavily to align your brand with passion points for your consumers. Tap those audiences using Vertical Mass.


Media bought using Vertical Mass data
performs 3X better on average.

Vertical Mass Platform

The Unified Source of Exclusive Fan Data

Data Collection
Enterprise Data Collection

Scalable data management platform to safely store and manage your audience data across web, mobile, e-commerce and video.

Social Actives

Collect data on your active fans with a custom link shortener and social sharing tools branded just for you.

Your Personal Data Scientist

No PhD needed to figure out your data. Our platform makes it easy for you to quickly digest and make actionable the most relevant information.

Audience Targeting
Premium First Party Data

All of the data we collect is premium, directly from our exclusive clients, through our proprietary data platform: Identity.

Cross-Device Targeting

Ability to target across web and mobile, display and video to reach the exact right audience with the right message.

Video Advertising

Vertical Mass targets your pre-roll and long form video creative to the audience most likely to engage and enables retargeting for future marketing efforts.

Select Ad Exchanges

Scale is important. That's why we can push data to activate across desktop, mobile and video.

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