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In every vertical, there's often one company that emerges as the leading consumer data company.

For the Music, Sports & Entertainment verticals, that company is Vertical Mass.

400+ of the world’s top talent, teams and companies choose Vertical Mass as their data partner.

- & their influence is massive -

Our Services

Vertical Mass is the leading data solutions company for identifying, understanding and reaching passionate consumers.

Exclusive Data

400+ partners use our Consumer Data Platform to collect proprietary data and create a unified profile of their passionate consumers, across multiple touch points.

  • Social Actives
  • Website Visitors
  • Mobile App Users
  • Email Subscribers
  • E-Commerce Shoppers
  • Video Streamers
  • Audio Streamers
  • Ticket Buyers

Unique Insights

Our insights platform delivers a comprehensive understanding of passionate consumers that helps inform our partners' biggest marketing decisions.

  • What Sites They Browse
  • What TV Shows They Watch
  • What Brands They Buy
  • What Artists They Stream
  • What Movie Genres They Like
  • Which Cars They Drive
  • Which Beverages They Purchase
  • +More

Data-Informed Marketing

Reach the exact right audiences across TV, retail, experiential, social, content and programmatic to grow revenue and acquire customers.

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Programmatic
  • Creative
  • Video
  • Native
  • Content Syndication

We Know Passionate Audiences

Vertical Mass has assembled the most comprehensive, exclusive first party data set of Music, Sports & Entertainment consumers in the world.

Data Partners

Over 400+ of the top talent and companies in Music, Sports & Entertainment leverage Vertical Mass to securely manage and monetize their consumer data.

Monthly Uniques

Our platform processes over 600M unique consumers monthly, generating the most comprehensive data set in Music, Sports and Entertainment.

Consumer Profiles

Single data points are ineffective. Our engine cleanses, normalizes and builds intelligent consumer profiles to help partners better understand passionate audiences.

Consumer Engagements

As millions of users engage with Vertical Mass partners, these actions are analyzed to identify the most valuable behaviors and consumers.

Select Clients

Dozens of companies engage with Vertical Mass for Insights, Marketing and Measurement.


"If you want to reach the most passionate fans, the most likely to convert; they can find them. If you want to find the most likely to share your content, and increase earned media; they can find them. Simply put, Vertical Mass is the best way to make fans work for your brand."
– P&G Marketing Director

100% Control

Our partners maintain 100% control of their audience data at all times, ensuring complete protection of their brand.

Passionate Audiences

Engage incredibly passionate audiences who want to hear more from you and your partners.

Marketing Lift

Leverage smarter insights and segments to drive positive ROAS on all paid media across social, programmatic, TV and more.

Smarter Sponsorships & Endorsements

Determine the best sponsorship and endorsement partners through data-informed decision making.

Unique Consumer Insights

Actionable insights help you better understand these consumers and deliver more value in your creative, products and messaging.

Measurable ROI

Optimize and measure ROI on all marketing investments across music, sports and entertainment audiences.



Distribution Partners

Our partners can activate this exclusive data at scale across the top tech and social platforms.

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The leading data solutions company for Music, Sports & Entertainment.


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